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Enter a name, word, or phrase (no spaces) to search the central registry database for Com/Net/Org domain name availability.Domain Search will check for availability of Domain Names (up to 63 characters long) that you input (for example "johndoe.com") to tell if your name request is available or not. If it is, you may request the name by using the easy registration process.

Welcome to dot-Your-Family, Official .Com/.Net/.Org domain name registration provider for families worldwide. 

Why Your Family Name is one of the most important assets you can own:

  • There has been a rash of people registering OTHER people's family names
  • They then hold the name randsom and offer to resell it to you at a much higher price.
  • When someone registers a name on the Internet, they have TOTAL control over it.
  • Whoever controls the domain name can point it to any website in the world.
  • Would you trust your family name to a complete stranger?

  • We recommend you register your family's name as well as each family member.

    For example:

  • Kennedy.com ; Kennedy.net ; Kennedy.org
  • sallykennedy.com ; peterkennedy.com ; madolinekennedy.com
  • A small price to pay to protect your family name. It will be the best money you have ever spent.  

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